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Magical Art Monday: Windswept Creations

Stone can have a lot of personality but Sandie takes it to a whole new level.  These hand carved stones are full of an amazing amount of personality.  Windswept Creations also works with a large amount of seaglass found on the coast of the Outer Banks, but these Stone Spirits certainly stick out in a […]

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Magical Art Monday: Jonathon Earl Bower

We’re going to travel a bit on the “professional artist” spectrum for this week’s feature and show off the work of Jonathon Earl Bower.  He explains the inspiration for his art on his Bio tab, but here is a small excerpt: Since childhood, Jonathon has been inspired by the awesome beauty and mystery of the […]

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Magical Art Monday: TRaewyn Etsy Shop

A fantastic crafter from out in Australia!  It was very difficult to choose a piece of hers to feature, but this one called our name.  This is one of many Earth Spirit Pendants.  On the Etsy site, she explains a bit more: The Earthen Spirits, Nymphs, Angels, Elders, Pixies and other Forest Children are inspired […]

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