Magical Art Monday: Sleeping Gryphon

We’ve interviewed this wonderful Lady before.  She does a wide range of wood burnings from keepsake boxes to alter tiles and from runes to jewelry.  This is what she has to say about her work:

I enjoy creating what your heart desires.

I have been creating things since early in my life. Started with my grandmother when I was two sitting on her lap and helping her draw thread on needle points. Since then i have done just about everything. My favorite art is pyrography, I have been working on pieces for the past few years. Everything from harvesting wood for charms, amulets, and wood to the smell of the wood as I burn. I try to cater to all cultures and faiths, but what brings me the most pleasure is to create custom pieces. I want to make something for you that makes your jaw drop and your heart sing, not just something pretty for your altar. I have always wanted to own my own little shop and last year I decided to go for it. Sink or swim kinda move. I started with $40.00 and a wood burner given to me by a friend and we have grown from there. I have friends that volunteer to help me and our goal is to keep growing and providing inspirational and beautifully functional items for our clients. There is also no limit on what we will create. Christians, pagans, jewish, atheist, all religions and spiritual beliefs are welcome here, even though we make certain things only at request. Drop us a line and allow us to wow you! ~From Sleeping Gryphon Etsy

Creating in pyrography isn’t as easy as it may look.  It takes a lot of skill to create with such precision on such a textured surface.  You can find her work by following the links below!

Sleeping Gryphon Etsy Shop

Sleeping Gryphon on Facebook

Sleeping Gryphon on G+

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