Funny Foto Friday: Twilight

The last installment of the Twilight movies came out today so I thought this was necessary.

Magical Art Monday: Solden’s Artisan Treasures

There is a wide array of crafts to choose from in this shop, but we’ve decided that this beautiful and unique necklace of  hand-forged copper, brass and silver really stood out!  His shop is stationed in Western Pennsylvania (just a stone’s throw from the birthplace of PCP!) where the artist forges metals, works with fiber arts, does work with clay, and so much more.

I am inspired by many things when I create art or jewelry – culture and artifacts, as well as specific techniques that I enjoy adapting into my art. I hope to share through my creations my vision of aesthetics.

I tend to shy away from synthetics, unless I am using them for re-purposing. We all are surrounded by so many synthetics already I prefer to focus in more natural materials.

Each piece is thoroughly unique, and you can trust that each is lovingly crafted and full of personality. Check out more items at the following links:

Solden’s Artisan Treasures Etsy Shop

Solden on DevianArt

Funny Foto Friday: This Dik Dik Has Attitude

No matter how small you feel always stand tall and show attitude.

Magical Art Monday: Quadrivium Supplies

Brewing oils isn’t as simple as some think it is. Oil Brewing is a delicate art-form that takes much study and careful hands. But don’t just trust our word for it, important information is listed right on their website!

Each Quadrivium Oil™ is hand made, sealed, labeled, and packaged securely in a sealed bag with an insert that provides information about that particular oil, known or potential allergens/irritants in the oil, and other useful information. The oils are made with entirely natural ingredients, without chemicals, synthetics, or solvents.

One of our co-hosts has gotten the chance to try out one of their oils, and is in the process of having one custom made for her. Her review? “OMG FANTASTIC!” It may be a simple review, but from our analytic crew? A OMG FANTASTIC review is hard to come by!

Check out more oils, or contact her for more information through the following links:

Quadrivium Supplies Website

Quadrivium Supplies Blog

Quadrivium Supplies on Facebook

Quadrivium Supplies on Twitter

We Are Under Construction

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Thanks to the amazing Sherry we have a brand new web site.  We’re making our way back to recording episodes one little step at a time, but we will be sharing our Magical Art Monday posts on the new site from now on!

Please be patient with us!  Dave truly was our fearless leader, so we are teaching ourselves as we go.  There are still some days where his loss is still a bit fresh in our minds and it can make achieving leaps and bounds in the progress difficult.

Magical Art Monday: Jonathon Earl Bower

We’re going to travel a bit on the “professional artist” spectrum for this week’s feature and show off the work of Jonathon Earl Bower.  He explains the inspiration for his art on his Bio tab, but here is a small excerpt:

Since childhood, Jonathon has been inspired by the awesome beauty and mystery of the natural world. He strives, in his landscapes, to re-acquaint the public with the grandeur of familiar places or introduce them to the spectacular vistas of the more remote mountain wilderness known only to the hikers and backpackers. In his figurative work, Jonathon takes his reverence a step further, developing what he describes as Mythic Naturalism. From shadowy forest cathedrals and misty mountain fortresses to the unknown depths of the celestial ocean, he seeks the unseen Poetry of Nature, the intention of the world – incarnate in Jonathon’s work as serenely still and inscrutably silent Goddesses.

The Mythic Naturalism style that he creates is simply out of this world.  Make sure to view his other works at the following links:

The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bower Website

Jonathon Earl Bower on Facebook

Magical Art Monday: Two Found Treasures

This week we have a bit different of a feature.  With Two Found Treasures we have two fantastic artistic styles in one shop!  Located in the OBX of North Carolina, this couple live an artist life!  There is a heavy steampunk feel to the work above.  There is a wide range of creatures and designs done in this fashion; from the spider seen here to magpies and roses to patched up hearts.  Each work is full of personality and done with attitude.

If you’re looking for something a little more on the fun side, but done with just as much attitude, check out the jewelry designs.  They are cut out of vinyl records!  Whether you’re looking for something dark and spooky like a bat, or maybe something different like a profile image, these are definitely unique!

Check out their work at:

Two Found Treasures on Facebook

Magical Art Monday: Marty Magic Jewelry

Looking for a unique earcuff? Marty Magic Jewelry is a must see!  She has something for everyone!

The jewelry and sculpture I design is created by the lost wax casting process. I personally sculpt each original in wax at my Santa Cruz studio. My designs are then cast into gold, sterling silver or bronze. Fantasy, fairy tales and the magic of nature significantly influence my work.

I have a passion for what I do. I love the creative process, watching my pieces take form, and I take pleasure in interacting with customers both in person and online.

The creations are made by lost wax casting. On the shop sites you’ll see snakes, faeries, dragons, spiders, and numerous other creatures and designs. You’re sure to find one that suits you. The pieces are also cast out of precious metals so there are options for those of you with metal allergies! Find more of their work at the following links:

Marty Magic Jewelry Website

Marty Magic Jewelry Etsy Shop

Marty Magic Jewelry on Facebook

Magical Art Monday: Ruth Thompson

Awesome dragon art can be hard to come by, but Ruth Thompson has a whole collection of it! Not just dragons mind you, but faeries, angels, gryphons and a slew of other fantasy creations. But a life of an artist doesn’t always come easy:

In high school I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and the Dragonlance books by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. I fell in love and to this day, in my 40’s, I still play role-playing games. But the most important part was discovering the bookcovers of artist Larry Elmore. Oh wow, mythology that lived & breathed!

In college, after three long and grinding years, I realized that Biology was not for me and tried Classics. Ummmmm… Ancient Greek killed that idea after 2 semesters (it’s a dead language for a reason).  I always liked drawing so I tried a few art classes and they stuck. But the art experience at the University of Alabama wasn’t ready for dragon paintings so I played it safe and learned how to paint to “get the grades”.  (For those of you looking to have art as a career, please don’t do what I did! Don’t play it safe! If I had more courage I would have transferred to a school that taught realistic painting. I would have learned how to paint instead of staying at U of Al and just getting the degree. So go find a school or Art Institute that will teach you what you want to be. Look at what the instructors are painting, that will indicate what you will be expected to learn.)

Check out more of her work and see if she’ll be traveling to a show near you:

Red Roo Art Website

Red Roo Art on Facebook

Magical Art Monday: Mystic Orb

Talk about some delicate work! This design is hand carved out of birds eye maple and carefully inlaid with malachite chips. The work done by Mystic Orb spans from carving, scrimshaw and the beautiful inlay style you see here. How did Mystic Orb start?

It all started with a dream.
What if we could work from home? Spend our days together as a family? Make a living doing what we love? Bring joy to people? Spend more time working on the homestead, so we could grow more food and live more simply?

Mystic Orb was born.

Now Jeff takes beautiful reclaimed woods and turns them into natural jewelry, and creations for the home and garden.

Please check out more work made by this fantastic family at the following links:

Mystic Orb Etsy Shop

Mystic Orb on Facebook

Mystic Orb on Blogspot