Funny Foto Friday: A Bonfire to Celebrate Yule

What your neighbours think your doing.

Funny Foto Friday: Dat Ash

For those tree hugging pagans that take it just a little to far.

Magical Art Monday: Clay Monsters

Talk about one of a kind! This is an example of the fantastic sculpture work by K Amarak Waters of Clay Monsters. Each sculpture is done by hand and not replicated.

K Amarak Waters attended Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle, where he studied under the amazing figurative painter Terry Johnson. Later he transferred to Antioch University, where he designed his own curriculum in Creative Studies.

Initially interested in painting and writing, in 2004 he began sculpting figures that combine elements of fantasy and eroticism. He draws inspiration from novels, movies, mythology, the occult and his own over-active imagination.

It can be difficult to create a sculpture that portrays character, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem at all with this artist. Every one is oozing with personality! Why not go over to their website and see all of the other amazing things he has to offer? Everything from deities, to otherkin, to spirits and ghouls. Plus…Layaway is offered!

You can check out this amazing work at the following links:
Clay Monsters Website

Clay Monsters on Facebook

Funny Foto Friday: Was she really a virgin?

Holy mother full of.. well you decide what

Magical Art Monday: Haumea Botanicals


We’ve featured another artist that works in oils a few posts back, but here is another absolutely fantastic shop! Haumea Botanicals is out of Hawai’i by Lamyka of Lamyka’s Wiccan Podcast.  She makes all of her product by hand, so don’t be fooled by the beautiful labels into thinking she has a factory.  But she hasn’t just decided to throw some herbs at some oil and charge some money for it:

Originally, I had started making body products for myself in my tiny little apartment in Tokyo.  I have never had a great history with commercial products, and I began to wonder why that was.  After checking out the back of labels I realized that 1) I couldn’t even understand what all the chemicals listed were and 2) I didn’t understand why I would need all those chemicals.  So I did my own research.  I have always been used to natural solutions.  Growing up as a Hawaiian woman on the North Shore of O’ahu , I learned that each rock, plant, animal, etc. has it’s own purpose and place.  Since I grew up learning Hawaiian remedies I started to study Western herbs and their uses.

With my background in natural simple remedies I felt comfortable branching out into other areas, learning how to make my own body scrubs, lotions, shampoos, and so on.  Once my friends began to see and smell my creations they began asking for their own.  I started making body scrubs and solid lotions for friends, each time being told that I should start my own business.  After more study and human testing (thanks to my friends for that!) I decided to go into business.

We’ve tried two of the body bars before so we can tell you from experience these are top of the line!  She’s since branched out into room sprays, butter parfumes,  and a whole line of products with a magical focus!  These are perfect little stocking stuffers and secret santa’s.  One thing is for sure, whether for personal use or for gifts, these are sure to be loved!

Check out all the products at her sites on the following links:

Haumea Botanicals Website

Haumea Botanicals on Facebook

The Dave Grega Controversy???

Peter Dybing has released his Top Ten Pagans list for the year! As many of you know, Peter has been a friend not only to the show, but to most of our individual members. The wonderful thing about friendship is that when all the hubbub that was caused with his post on calling attention to the health of the pagan community shortly after Dave’s death, we could talk about hurt feelings that came about. We’ve never been in a position with Peter to consider cutting ties to him just because we disagree with his approach, or maybe a point of view.  All of us view Peter as a tremendous asset to the Pagan Community, and love him for who he is.

But Peter’s post seems to have spurred a bit of Dave drama all over again. Someone seems to think that they have some super insight to the mind of Dave Grega (and it seems Peter Dybing as well). In Star Foster’s new blog, Pink Beyond Pink she writes about the “Legacy of Dave”. Most of her writing came as a bit of a shock to us.

We had thought that this misconception was cleared up in the beginning, but we shall restate: Nobody but his close friends and family know everything that encompassed Dave’s passing.  Dave went above and beyond to keep a lot of his health issues private for the most part, and we (his friends) find there’s no reason to spread out his dirty laundry in some misplaced cry for attention.

None of us know what Dave would say now.  He was always a surprise, even to those of us that were close to him.  Though, seeing as how he started PHAT (Pagans for Healthy, Active Tendencies) we don’t really see him being all butthurt over a talk of health in the community.  If you listened to the show in the past, Dave was not exactly for the “love yourself the way you are” kind of mentality.  Maybe he would have called Peter out, maybe he wouldn’t.  The world will never know, though for some reason there are a few that feel that they should continue to speculate.  Is it that difficult to leave the dead in peace without using them to further imaginative stories?

Dave had his faults and one of them was a bit of paranoia; randomly burning bridges without a valid reason wasn’t.  All of us will be the first to say Dave was an asshole, he made it into an artform.  But those of us who knew Dave also knew that those he held closest and in the highest regard were those he could not only take his cynicism, sarcasm and snark but those that also have enough intelligence to retaliate and not set the proverbial bridge on fire because they were too busy being offended to continue the conversation with some type of dignity.  He didn’t bend moral compass to allow for behavior he didn’t approve of.  Dave had a love of truth, no matter how inconvenient.  Dave would often try and work things out his own way, which seemed be just more abrasive than the average person.  He didn’t care if anyone approved of his choices, and THAT was part of what he was proud of.

While there is a lot of talk about Dave being lost amid the “fat shaming”, there was no loss among those of us that were close.  We cried, talked, laughed, shared memories, and mourned.  I can’t count the number of messages and phone calls that we have received that continue weeks after his passing.  There were a number of individuals, a few of which Dave had rubbed the wrong way at one time or another, that offered their condolences and any help we may need.  Unfortunately there continue to be a select few that share their grief out of one side of their mouth and spew lies and trash-talk out of the other.

There are a very small number of us that were privy to his thoughts on death and life.  It’s hurtful to see someone putting words in his mouth as if they had some deep connection.   Whether anyone else thinks so or not, the fact that the Pagan Community has shifted is part of Dave’s legacy.  The fact that there are so many podcasts still in going and new ones popping up is part of Dave’s legacy.

So in traditional PCP fashion, we’d like to share this little tidbit

Funny Foto Friday: You Lost Him Again!?!

Going door to door isnt going to help, any pagan knows that if you keep losing someone it doesnt mean they’re lost it means they dont like you.

Magical Art Monday: Beautiful Vodou

Today we bring you some handmade items from the Vodou tradition! Done by a quick-witted Houngan Asogwe, these pieces are functional as they are beautiful.  While there are plenty of images in his shop on Etsy, he can create custom Wanga Paket’s and other items to suit your specific needs.  How fantastic is that!

Vodou is a beautiful and empowering faith, one I am proud to be a part of as a Houngan Asogwe (our highest clergy rank) of a wonderful and vibrant House in Boston, Sosyete Nago. Our sacred art is often copied and mimicked, but there’s something truly special about objects made by initiate hands that just cant be duplicated.

My pieces are handsewn and blessed, ritually made to contain the required “heat” (that little burst of extra oomph) that can only be given by an initiate who has gone through Kanzo (our spectacular initiatory rites performed in Haiti). Each piece is made with love for the Spirits, and is made to be an empowering addition to your altar or devotional practice.

Check out more of his work on the following links:

Beautiful Vodou Etsy Shop

Houngan Matt’s Vodou Blog

Funny Foto Friday: Arguing with Christians

Magical Art Monday: The Groovy Baker

Proving that art comes in many different flavors, The Groovy Baker is one of our favorite shops for the holiday season!  Or maybe a bit more often than the holidays, but who’s counting!  Not only does she make scrumptious lollipops and other goodies, but she can work in gluten and allergen free products!  Custom work, big wedding orders, party favors, you name it and she can probably help you out!

I am passionate about creating delicious, wholesome foods. I support my local community and all of my packaging is environmentally friendly. I don’t believe that quantity should ever come before quality, or that cruelty or pollution need ever play a part in creating great food.

I don’t believe that people who suffer with food allergies, or are on restrictive diets should have to compromise taste or style.

While there are places that offer great looking products and kind mission statements, she means what she says!  They taste as good as they look…maybe even a bit better!  We’ve sampled a “few” flavors of her lollipop collection, so trust us on the first hand experience.  The Mead Lollipops taste like, well, MEAD!  Not some honey thrown into sugar, it really is like she poured mead into molds and magically solidified them.  And each flavor was just as amazing as the next: Candy Apple, Eggnog, Baklava…we could go on an on.

There are also several flavors that are perfectly geared toward your next Pagan Gathering!  Whether it be Bacchus made with cherry merlot, Winter Solstice full of ginger, vanilla, brandy and nuts, Persephone with a lovely vanilla pomegranate, or the Alchemy sprinkled with edible gold flakes; they are sure to be a hit!  Though we will warn you, you may want to wait to try them if you’re planning to give them as gifts.  Once you’ve tasted these phenomenal treats…they’re hard to let go of!

You can find the Groovy baker at the following links so you can try them for yourself:

The Groovy Baker Website

The Groovy Baker Etsy Shop

The Groovy Baker on Facebook