NRia’s Notes #3

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NRia’s Notes #3
September 26th 2013

On the subject of Music:
Draw a line in the sand and call it music, if it pleases you my friend. Beside it draw a friend, if it pleases you my friend. Draw a friend drawing a friend, if it pleases you my friend. A cord repeated a fourth time, does not make for good music, my friend. If music is from the soul, than I would trade a cup of coffee and a dime. If lyrics mean something, they must be written again. If limericks mean something, they must be written again. Would you trade a cup of coffee and a dime? Have you betrayed your soul for a cup of dimes?

On the subject of Hell:
Hell is a good neighbor to have. They keep to themselves. Don’t make a lot of noise and clean up after themselves. They knock when they come to call. Bring ripe fruits when they visit and never stay too long. They do not complain about NRia’s music early in the morning or late at night. Nor eat his fruit or steal his shoes. Hell is certainly a nice neighbor to have.

On the subject of Vampyres:
Vampyres, vampyres, fruity tootie vampyres. Sitting in a coffin, rolling in and laughin’. Watch them glitter, watch them burn, watch them turn to dust. Musty, crusty, creepy old vampyres in the streets, stealing seats, taking sweets, talkin’ street. Ode to the heartbroken vampyre. Did I stake too much on that line? Toiling, soiling, despoiling vampyres. Sully, sullen, sunken spires I do spy, for which is sigh, I cannot deny, that perhaps I should prepare, to despair, for that word there, I do declare, I should presage to say, that it will be, but another in a long string of working structures, that for no other reason than being written, helped fabricate out of whole cloth a long sentence on nothing other than vampyres. Vampyres are also very nice neighbors to have.

On the subject of Chocolate:
If there is chocolate in hell, would it taste like mint? If vampyres made chocolate, would it be fudge? If I offered chocolate and coffee would you play for me? No my friend, this does not a limerick make. If you came to visit would you bring me chocolate strawberries like my friends from Hell? If you drew a line with chocolate, would it make a beautiful aria? If I were to have my kind neighbors and a group of vampyres over for hummus; would it be suffice to say that I would be quite gay to say that nothing would gladden me more than the agonistic scene that would play out?

Closure of NRia’s Notes #3.
The following audiences will have been offended: Literary Majors, Trees and Fae.

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