NRia’s Notes #1

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NRia’s Notes #1
September 12th 2013

On the subject of blogging:
If NRia starts a blog, how annoyed with it will he become? If auto correct does not recognize a double capital, will it repeatedly correct it until NRia gets angry? Is it foolish to be angry at a machine, for enforcing the rules of English diction? Can English truly have any rules? If NRia is angry and begins yelling, would anyone on the internet hear it!? Alas, poor lads and lasses NRia has surely begun.

On the subject of Foxes:
NRia had a dream. In this dream there was a fox with black fur and dark hazel eyes. It stood in a window sill. Pacing and watching its observers. NRia’s dreams are silent, they have no sound, only subtitles and the fox made a fox sound. Foxes make many sounds; many sounds that it sounds, like a fox should not make, but a fox only makes fox sounds because it is a fox. Is a black fox odd? How can a fox be odd, when they come in so many varieties? Foxes are much like ice-cream, but that does not mean we should make them. Would one have tea with a fox? What kind of tea would a fox drink? Would a fox tea taste like a black tea, or a green tea? Would it be Earl Grey? Could it be any tea under the sun? If it could be, we hope that it is sun tea. Then we could have iced tea.

On the subject of Subjects:
How does one proof a subject? Does one make an oil from it? Or brew it like beer? Can one make sense from it? Is not the correct answer always redundant. Is not every subject a subject of many subjects. If we changed subject, would it be any more relevant to all other subjects than our current subject. Are not all subjects subjective and thus little more than wistful musing?

On the subject of Legibility:
NRia ponders as to the legibility of his writings. He makes a science of avoiding devious words, such words invalidate his writings. Words like that he avoids so easily at this point that he rarely thinks about them now. Like they have been culled from his vocabulary by rote practice. Such words as those that he avoids. Writing them causing such pain to his psyche that he scarcely recovers from their usage, but they sneak in just the same. “Are is was be,” so it was to be?

On the subject of NRia:
NRia is nonsense. Nothing more and no less than obscene. An opiate of the melancholy. A wishful dismissal of hope and change. The surrender of faith. Can one believe in NRia? No, that is nonsense. Can one speak in NRia? No, that is nonsense. NRia is not a thing, but a noun. It is not a place one can visit, thus a person it must be? A person it is and a person it must be, for madness takes many forms, but for today NRia is as he must be. For today is but a day and a noun is but a NRia.

Closure of NRia’s Notes #1. NRia would like to thank the readers of the Pagan Centered Podcast for continuing to be avid readers.

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