Magical Art Monday: TRaewyn Etsy Shop

A fantastic crafter from out in Australia!  It was very difficult to choose a piece of hers to feature, but this one called our name.  This is one of many Earth Spirit Pendants.  On the Etsy site, she explains a bit more:

The Earthen Spirits, Nymphs, Angels, Elders, Pixies and other Forest Children are inspired by the hidden treasures in nature – the one’s you find only when you are quiet, still and patient. They represent being at one with nature. Each has her own unique personality, her own beauty, and her own treasures. These little beings are never ‘created’ me with a design in mind, they simply create themselves. Some are simple , some more extravagant – but each one is beautiful.

TRaewyn has a vast network of sites where you can learn more about her and the amazing work she does.  You can find more about her through the following links:

TRaewyn Website

TRaewyn Etsy About Me Page

TRaewyn Etsy Shop

TRaewyn on Facebook

TRaewyn on Tumblr

TRaewyn on Blogspot


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