Magical Art Monday: The Groovy Baker

Proving that art comes in many different flavors, The Groovy Baker is one of our favorite shops for the holiday season!  Or maybe a bit more often than the holidays, but who’s counting!  Not only does she make scrumptious lollipops and other goodies, but she can work in gluten and allergen free products!  Custom work, big wedding orders, party favors, you name it and she can probably help you out!

I am passionate about creating delicious, wholesome foods. I support my local community and all of my packaging is environmentally friendly. I don’t believe that quantity should ever come before quality, or that cruelty or pollution need ever play a part in creating great food.

I don’t believe that people who suffer with food allergies, or are on restrictive diets should have to compromise taste or style.

While there are places that offer great looking products and kind mission statements, she means what she says!  They taste as good as they look…maybe even a bit better!  We’ve sampled a “few” flavors of her lollipop collection, so trust us on the first hand experience.  The Mead Lollipops taste like, well, MEAD!  Not some honey thrown into sugar, it really is like she poured mead into molds and magically solidified them.  And each flavor was just as amazing as the next: Candy Apple, Eggnog, Baklava…we could go on an on.

There are also several flavors that are perfectly geared toward your next Pagan Gathering!  Whether it be Bacchus made with cherry merlot, Winter Solstice full of ginger, vanilla, brandy and nuts, Persephone with a lovely vanilla pomegranate, or the Alchemy sprinkled with edible gold flakes; they are sure to be a hit!  Though we will warn you, you may want to wait to try them if you’re planning to give them as gifts.  Once you’ve tasted these phenomenal treats…they’re hard to let go of!

You can find the Groovy baker at the following links so you can try them for yourself:

The Groovy Baker Website

The Groovy Baker Etsy Shop

The Groovy Baker on Facebook

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