Magical Art Monday: Ruth Thompson

Awesome dragon art can be hard to come by, but Ruth Thompson has a whole collection of it! Not just dragons mind you, but faeries, angels, gryphons and a slew of other fantasy creations. But a life of an artist doesn’t always come easy:

In high school I discovered Dungeons & Dragons and the Dragonlance books by Margaret Weiss and Tracy Hickman. I fell in love and to this day, in my 40’s, I still play role-playing games. But the most important part was discovering the bookcovers of artist Larry Elmore. Oh wow, mythology that lived & breathed!

In college, after three long and grinding years, I realized that Biology was not for me and tried Classics. Ummmmm… Ancient Greek killed that idea after 2 semesters (it’s a dead language for a reason).  I always liked drawing so I tried a few art classes and they stuck. But the art experience at the University of Alabama wasn’t ready for dragon paintings so I played it safe and learned how to paint to “get the grades”.  (For those of you looking to have art as a career, please don’t do what I did! Don’t play it safe! If I had more courage I would have transferred to a school that taught realistic painting. I would have learned how to paint instead of staying at U of Al and just getting the degree. So go find a school or Art Institute that will teach you what you want to be. Look at what the instructors are painting, that will indicate what you will be expected to learn.)

Check out more of her work and see if she’ll be traveling to a show near you:

Red Roo Art Website

Red Roo Art on Facebook

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