Magical Art Monday: Marty Magic Jewelry

Looking for a unique earcuff? Marty Magic Jewelry is a must see!  She has something for everyone!

The jewelry and sculpture I design is created by the lost wax casting process. I personally sculpt each original in wax at my Santa Cruz studio. My designs are then cast into gold, sterling silver or bronze. Fantasy, fairy tales and the magic of nature significantly influence my work.

I have a passion for what I do. I love the creative process, watching my pieces take form, and I take pleasure in interacting with customers both in person and online.

The creations are made by lost wax casting. On the shop sites you’ll see snakes, faeries, dragons, spiders, and numerous other creatures and designs. You’re sure to find one that suits you. The pieces are also cast out of precious metals so there are options for those of you with metal allergies! Find more of their work at the following links:

Marty Magic Jewelry Website

Marty Magic Jewelry Etsy Shop

Marty Magic Jewelry on Facebook

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