Magical Art Monday: Kelly Morgen

Kelly Morgen does more than just play with metals, she creates breathtaking works of art out of precious metals. How did she learn to make such amazing pieces of art?

I was trained in Florence, Italy by a master goldsmith, where I learned all the essentials of metalsmithing. I then completed my studies under the tutelage of Cherokee silversmith and shaman Heyoka Merrifield, while living in rural Montana. I craft every single element of every piece by hand, following the ancient artisan methods of the famous Italian jewelers and my own ideas and inspirations. I use only the most precious of metals (sterling silver and 18k gold) in my work, as I feel this creates a much more powerful piece. Each piece is a unique and original work of art that can never be duplicated, and so will last a lifetime.

These are not just trinkets for costume jewelry, these are meant to last for a life-time and then be handed down to the next generation. You can find her work through the following links:

Kelly Morgen Website

Kelly Morgen on Facebook

Kelly Morgen on Twitter

Kelly Morgen on DeviantArt

Kelly Morgen Etsy Shop

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