Magical Art Monday: Jonathon Earl Bower

We’re going to travel a bit on the “professional artist” spectrum for this week’s feature and show off the work of Jonathon Earl Bower.  He explains the inspiration for his art on his Bio tab, but here is a small excerpt:

Since childhood, Jonathon has been inspired by the awesome beauty and mystery of the natural world. He strives, in his landscapes, to re-acquaint the public with the grandeur of familiar places or introduce them to the spectacular vistas of the more remote mountain wilderness known only to the hikers and backpackers. In his figurative work, Jonathon takes his reverence a step further, developing what he describes as Mythic Naturalism. From shadowy forest cathedrals and misty mountain fortresses to the unknown depths of the celestial ocean, he seeks the unseen Poetry of Nature, the intention of the world – incarnate in Jonathon’s work as serenely still and inscrutably silent Goddesses.

The Mythic Naturalism style that he creates is simply out of this world.  Make sure to view his other works at the following links:

The Goddess Art of Jonathon Earl Bower Website

Jonathon Earl Bower on Facebook

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