Magical Art Monday: Solden’s Artisan Treasures

There is a wide array of crafts to choose from in this shop, but we’ve decided that this beautiful and unique necklace of  hand-forged copper, brass and silver really stood out!  His shop is stationed in Western Pennsylvania (just a stone’s throw from the birthplace of PCP!) where the artist forges metals, works with fiber arts, does work with clay, and so much more.

I am inspired by many things when I create art or jewelry – culture and artifacts, as well as specific techniques that I enjoy adapting into my art. I hope to share through my creations my vision of aesthetics.

I tend to shy away from synthetics, unless I am using them for re-purposing. We all are surrounded by so many synthetics already I prefer to focus in more natural materials.

Each piece is thoroughly unique, and you can trust that each is lovingly crafted and full of personality. Check out more items at the following links:

Solden’s Artisan Treasures Etsy Shop

Solden on DevianArt

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