Beginning Years: Seasons 1-5

Episode 49: Listener Suggestions

Episode 48: Community Mind Control

Episode 47: Yay, We Have Fans!

Episode 46: It’s Orgasmic

Episode 45: Like A Fox!

Episode 44: Ashlee’s Annoyed

Episode 43: How To Meet People

Episode 42: Greeks vs. Romans

Episode 41: I’m Bleeding Profusely .com

Episode 40: One Year Anniversary Special

The Lost PCP Episode 39

Episode 38: Unrelated Music

Episode 37: Pagan Viagara

Episode 36: Are We Responsible for Fluffdom?

Episode 35: Spellcrafting

Episode 34: Rei Ki (Reiki)

Episode 33: A Serious Response to Hate Mail

Episode 32: Fuzzysexual Randomness

Episode 31: Now With More Radon

Episode 30: We’re Back for Season 4!

Episode 29: The Music of PCP

Episode 28: Sitting with Wolves

Episode 27: The Pagan Crusade

Episode 26: Fiscal Energy Revisited

Episode 25: Have a Blessed Samhain

Episode 24: Holistic and Psychic Faire Episode

Episode 23: Do Pagans Even Deserve Respect?

Episode 22: Religion… To The EXTREME!

Episode 21: You’re Not All That!

Episode 20: Season Three!

Episode 19: Seriously… 21-fold?

Episode 18: Infomercial Episode

Episode 17: Pagan Symbols

Episode 16: Local Pagan Groups

Episode 15: The 11 Remix

Episode 14: Paganbowl

Episode 13: Decline of MCPN

Episode 12: On the Road to Pittco Ironstorm 5

Episode 11 PREVIEW (Not Final Edition)

Episode 10: Get Your Stereotypes Correct

Episode 9: Herbalism (Educational)

Episode 8: Bashing Galore

Episode 7: Don’t we have something better to do?

Episode 6: Otherkin

Episode 5: Hate Mail Week

Episode 4: It is Satan’s Fault

Episode 3: What ResLife Doesn’t Want You to Know

Episode 2: Scientologists are Crazy

Episode 1: PCP Trip