About Sherry

pinkie_pie_vector_by_pinkiepie30-d5sw778Name: Sherry aka. The Amazing Sherry

Path: “Innovative” Witchcraft aka. American Witchraft

Job: Mother, Wife, Domestic Goddess, and the runner of our website

Quote: “There is a MLP meme for every situation!”


Brought together through a mutual friends and participants of the show, Snooze and Miles, Sherry has been the saving grace for PCP as she has single-handedly re-birthed our website from the ground up. A fantastic sense of humor matched with a quick wit brings a perfect addition to the crew!

In the world of social networking, she has proven that there REALLY IS a My Little Pony meme for every occasion. But don’t be fooled by the adorable pink pony, she is anything but sweet and gentle when it comes to debating.

Sherry’s also a core member of the NCPCOW Book Club, discussing topics and books relating to paganism.