About Sam

Name: Sam
Path: Eclectic
XP: 14yrs +
Hobbies: Fiber arts
Occupation: Cult of Amber devotee

Greetings and salutations. My name is Sam. I have been on some form of pagan path for nearly 15years. I find it hard to define the path that I am on. I started off following some generic forms of Wicca but that quickly evolved into a free form style of Celtic spiritualism with a heavy dose of Native American values and traditions.

I enjoy creating things from my own hands and feel that crafting and learning traditional/primitive skills is not just a hobby of mine but a moral imperative. Typically extroverted and at times outlandish I feel that laughter is the best way out of an uncomfortable situation. Also I tend to enjoy sticking to outlines, I will be the one politely demanding “ok next on the list”

I feel that I must elaborate on my path. I was raised traditional Catholic from birth. I first found paganism by reading Ted Andrews “Animal Speak”. After seeing that I was not immediately struck by lightening, I delved into other books on Wicca. But my baptism was that of what most call “shamanism”. As I have matured I have studied and become involved with the rights of indigenous people. I strive terribly not to fall into the role of plastic shaman and because of that I am hesitant to admit that I hold dear many of the beliefs of the first inhabitants of this continent . Though I have inklings that there maybe some Native ancestry in my bones, it will never be confirmed. At times I waver between feeling a need to be genetically tied to a people to feel that what i feel is ok. At other times I feel that genetics is a joke. Deep down what I hope never to do is to ever strip away the beliefs of another by insinuating myself into a culture I do not belong. That is mainly why I remain a solitary practitioner.