About Ash

Name: Ash the Free Man / Ash Freeman
Path: Free  Luciferianism (Not Satanism: http://freeluciferian.blogspot.com/2011/05/free-luciferianism.html )
Job: Father, husband and seeker of knowledge.
For Fun: Gaming of all kinds and writing when the Muse wants to cooperate.

Once upon a time I was an altar-boy, sang in the choir and my greatest dream was to go into the seminary when I was old enough and become a priest of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Then I decided to start actually learning about my faith for myself and reading its scripture directly without someone else to cherrypick and interpret it for me.  That ended 12 years of Catholic teaching very quickly, and I sifted through different lenses of Christianity until I gave it up entirely, moving on into paganism.

Wicca was never for me, but I did learn some about it, then went on to spend several years as a celtic practitioner focused primarily on working with Brigid.  It still did not suit me in the end, however, and I broke with that faith as I had the one before.  From there I decided that instead of seeking out a God who was the right fit for me, I should start at the bottom and determine my own frame of reference, morality, and metaphysical view of the universe.  That led me to Luciferianism, which is where I have been for six years now, trying to carve my own path out of the ordered chaos of the universe.

I am generally quite tolerant and curious to hear about the paths of others, always hoping that through such discussion I can learn and continue to grow.  However, I give short shrift to the willfully ignorant and immediately distrust anyone who claims to speak for the Divine, or those who sell access to It.