About Amber

AmberRose aka. The Amber Lady

Path: A complicated mix of Native and Kemetic

Day Job: I work full time as a museum attendant at the Frisco Native American Museum in the     Outer Banks of North Carolina

For Fun: I run Red Tail Arts where I do micro animal paintings on feathers, jewelry and a lot of    other types of spiritually based crafts.

I’ve been some form of Pagan for over 20 years now, even though I was raised in a Catholic family outside of Pittsburgh.  I moved a few hundred miles north of the city to a little town that somehow managed to stay kind of backwater despite being a college town after graduating from IADT in Visual Communication.  It was there I met what would end up becoming the PCP crew.  Back then it was a motley group of college students that got together at the University to talk about Pagan “stuff”.  So that’s what got me into podcasting, a chance meeting with the late Dave Grega.

Me personally?  I rent an adorable little house built in the 1890’s with my partner of 7+ years, Branden.  I have a wonderful job working in a Native Museum in the OBX where I get to meet some truly amazing people from all walks of life and touch artifacts that are thousands of years old, and the best part is being able to be a part of the Native community.  While I’ve always been some shade of Pagan, when I moved to the Outer Banks I “unearthed the family secret”.  While we’re still trying to search through the mess that is documentation, it seems to be somewhere in the Haudenosaunee.

I work a lot with the Kemetic path as well, though far from your typical deities it seems.  Nebet Het came to me a long time ago and life has been pretty interesting ever since.  I also do work with Set, Anubis, Mafdet, and Sobek.

I work with tarot cards, even though most of the crew now refers to them as “terror” readings if I’m using my Archeon deck as they tend to be a bit on the blunt side.  I’ve been known to make medicine pouches and other concoctions when needed.  Most often though, I spend my creative energies in the art I produce.  I work with a lot of semi-precious stones and I find it easy to mix the stone properties to make the piece aesthetically elegant as well as functional.

While I have roots in Kemetic and Native, I try to find truth in every path.  That doesn’t mean I think the way each person practices has truth, as much as I try to understand how all the different paths have a shard of the same truth.  I will have to admit that I can be a little on the harsh side when I feel practices are being abused, such as in pop culture magics.