About Amanda Eve

Name: Amanda Eve

Path: Kemetic

Day Job: Photographer

Quote : Just because you don’t believe in something, doesn’t mean it doesn’t believe in you

Wow what a loaded question, this time around my name is Amanda Eve, I live in Canada and I follow the Kherete path but its just easier to call me a follower of ancient Egypt. I honestly believe that everyone is right in some sense. In my heart I feel the presence of all of the different pantheons, I just don’t follow them. My general viewpoint that I add to the show and to our blogs are I want to practice what I preach and I want to live and breathe what I believe. I also believe that there things out there that you really shouldn’t mess with. All those old tales and myths have some merit and I don’t automatically dismiss anything. I have a background in Wicca, fey tradition and Egyptian mythology. My background with the show is that I have been a somewhat active participant for the last 3 years. I think what Dave, Amber, Ashlee and the rest of the crew that started this did for the community was incredible and I want to continue that tradition and keep Dave’s memory alive. The podcast to me represents a coming together of a lot of different groups working with each other. I see this being the next step in the evolution of the community. My goal in my part of the blogs are to bring forth some issues that I have seen or some things I have been dealing with to the public and it’ll hopefully show people that they are not alone and help starting a dialogue with others.


A pagan life, in my book, really has changed a lot. We used to have temples to our gods and we used to be able to go and worship whenever and however we wanted. We also had our gods around and accessible to us. In this day and age not only is it taboo to look into pagan religions in most of our lives and the places we live. Most of the time the average pagans I know, or have come in contact, with have gone through a certain path. We generally start in either some Abrahamic religion, most commonly Christianity and we start to question. The reasons we look elsewhere vary, some of us look because we are going against the religion of our household. I find that to be very risky and it’s the wrong reason to look. Other people have contact with the gods from either the religion of their ancestors or books they read. The most life altering contact I’ve ever heard of is when the gods actually make contact specifically. Depending on the religion, how they are contacted varies greatly but in general if a god contacts you, you listen.   I don’t generally have a problem with the abrahamic way of life, it’s a good way if you do it properly. In my experience most people warp what the true teachings of the gods of their religions say. The minute I was told there is only one god while reading the bible I fought it. I may not have had the situation of sitting down to tea with Sekhmet or asking Thor about his hammer but I instinctively knew that this was not the case. Amber of the podcast was the first person to show me the word Kemetic and it caused shivers up and down my spine. My personal blood background is British, Scottish, Icelandic and Arabic. I have always felt the connection to ancient Egypt and I’ll be the first in the time machine to go back to that time. I hope to explore working with other pagans and coming together with the common goal of spreading knowledge and being the voice someone can listen to that’s gonna make you feel as if your not alone.


I know I ached to feel connected to people and have the camaraderie of a group behind me. Having PCP kept me grounded and gave me the ability of have faith in myself and to grow and accept what I believe. I’m always there to help a person. I am so excited as this next chapter of the podcast starts we will continue to be a voice and be an advocate for working with people to get the general community to realise we are all working towards the same thing.