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Tonight we answer some of the burning questions our awesome listeners have sent in, and holy crap someone finally sent us hatemail!!

Regular Hosts:
Amber of Red Tail Arts, Branden of Pagan Men Dave of Pagans promoting Healthy Active Tendencies (PHAT), Joe of Pagan Roadtrip, Sam

Guest Hosts:
Barrett of Pagan Men, Miles author of Teaching Witchcraft: A Guide for Teachers and Students of the Old Religion, NRia of reposting this in 2013, Snooze of Portable Weirdness

We’ver redesigned AskAPagan.com!
From ShadowMoon: I’ve been listening to many of your excellent podcasts and thought I should drop a line because I thought I had a interesting thought. Personally I do not beleive I experienced a past life, in fact, I think I’m a new soul. I don’t have any dreams and I think I would have triggered something by now considering I grew up in an abusive household and probably already have a form of PTSD. I have never felt called to any time, but I am a creative writer and have always loved dragons. I just thought this wasn’t touched upon in the discussion and wanted to bring the idea of new souls to light.
Do we have commentary on new souls? Run…run while you still can!
Souls can be recycled. Like a meatloaf!
Certain souls can come from the Great Abyss of the energy around
New soulds, they come from SoulMart
Do souls have an origin or does the feeling of being new comes from past experience of first being an animal?
Near death experiences, the flash you get is the information you take to you next life. It only continues if the flashes are relivant.
Everyone was a new soul at some point
Where do new souls come from?
Consider how your circle of peers would handle your situation. If you have handled the situation above average compared to them…then perhaps you are implimenting past lessons.
Snooze gives an example of a past life regression meditation where there was past parts that they weren’t allowed access to. It kind of meant they weren’t ready to handle the trauma of what happened in the past.
If a person’s past life was being Hitler, sometimes they just don’t want to remember or a higher power has a regulation on what is remembered
It depends on what school of thought you adhear to as how you view whether there is a higher power or the self taking the regulation
To live through a heavy abuse and come out on top, you have to have past experiences to pull from. New souls will be crushed.
You’re awareness points to something more than just being a new soul 🙂
If someone has a rough time last time around, and came into another rough life, it could be put on a back burner to be dealt with later
PTSD…Post Traumatic Soul Disorder
A soul goes through a number of life, learning more each time around. After a while it transcends into the next plane of existance. The end cycle becomes a highly energetic path like John Lennon
Ego check…Dave has no ego.
Listener feedback from Callie: Hi first off i have been listening to you guys for years and have learned so much. I am currently catching up on old podcast’s and was listening to #159 where you talked about health and such. One of you made the point to mention how hard it is for a person to buy exercise equipment or go to the gym for fear of being made fun of hits so close to home. I have been overweight all my life and the bullying i have received throughout school has partly made it so I am 100 lbs overweight with severe diabetes and high cholesterol making me a 27 year old at massive risk for heart attack. Even today i have trouble believing that people are nice. But I am working on it. I am extremely glad that I am not the only one who feels like this.
Dave created a facebook group: Pagans promoting healthy active tendencies…PHAT…to help each other out with being healthy
Scurvy created a smoking cessation group: Never again the burning times
NRia says yardwork…get out and do it
Everyone will tell you how to start slow. But Snooze adds never let people get to you. People aren’t nice. Individuals can be fantastic beyond belief. But people as a whole aren’t worth it when you’re trying to improve yourself
If you’re modifying yourself…you better be doing for yourself
Don’t waste time on trying to make people nice
Dave comments on how he lost a few hundred pounds, so he gives words of encouragement that it can be done!
Have some sort of mechanism to keep track of your progress. Dave uses LINK http://www.heiaheia.com
Health is more important than weight!
People with diabetes…GO TO A DOCTOR!
Any medical problems that effect health, it can effect a whole slew of things if you don’t keep up with it. Especially if there is anything that is inhibiting your digestion.
Chat Comment: It will only spiral downwards if you’re doing this because people want to. You’ll get lost in it
Amber talks about the idea of “You have to love yourself first” It’s not you have to love how you look, but you have to love WHO you are.
Don’t let others bring you down. They don’t know you. All of the little things that make you, you, are more important than how you look
Miles relates to our feedback with his stutter and how it has affected him and his understanding of their opinions.
Scurv has made it 48 hours without a soda and Dave gave up caffine!
Branden brings up that the Patriot Act is about to time out
Christian Terrorists…we need to watch out for them
From Callie 2: Thank You for the quick response last time. I was wondering if you have any ideas for books as I have been calling myself pagan for many years (I am aware of it being an umbrella term but don’t know what else to call myself) I have a huge interest in all mythology and was wondering if you guys call suggest any books. Especially on Greek and Egyptian mythology, also any books on Cherokee history (as just found out am descended from the Cherokee’s in north or south Carolina (can’t remember exactly where but the name starts with pigeon) (heehee you guys thought I was going to say a Cherokee princess huh?) Any help you can give me would be awesome and keep in mind that I am in Canada and it’s sometimes harder to get certain books here.
LINK: http://books.google.com/books?id=G9bnhN6iDL4C&pg=RA1-PA565&lpg=RA1-PA565&dq=cherokee+lore+otter&source=bl&ots=hD4PxVHlx5&sig=IwbXzWCTmf5Zkb18dMSAjVnKj_Q&hl=en&ei=sPuMTsuTO4SltwemkeWkDA&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=6&ved=0CEIQ6AEwBTgK#v=onepage&q=cherokee%20lore%20otter&f=false
LINK: http://www.imbleedingprofusely.com/books
From AskAPagan: Does metaphysical practice affect the electromagnetic field generated by a human being?
From AskAPagan : Should we just the Asatru rules of no weapons and no defecation or be adhering to something like Buckland’s recommendation of washing walls and floors with water and sea salt before all rituals? You all have addressed cleanliness of the human body before ritual, but not the physical space itself.
Who brings an article of defication into ritual?!?!
Sam showers with a salt scrub before hand, and suggests not wearing diapers
Ritual Space: Miles has gone from an old moldy basement to the outdoors to a pristine living room. Maybe it’s just a reflection of how much the person wants to impress who’s there or the gods?
Snooze says there’s a group that makes it a stipulation where your work area MUST be clean
Being in a messy setting, really messes with the energy of the ritual
Miles edits his prior comment and relates it to Feng Shui
Sam likes to vacume after putting down cinnamon and salt
Branden feels it’s not necessarily how clean it needs to be, but perhaps it depends more on what path you follow or who you follow.
Clutter can just get in the way
Barrett says he just feels more comfortable in a clean setting, but his path really never cleaned before hand…they were vikings after all.
Cleaning wands in the ocean…but hey…fish pee in that!
Salt…it’s a cleanser. Dave talks about his coming to terms with it.
Salt was one of the only first aid things people had for quite a long time, so it makes sense.
We need to raise the bar on hate mail. Why is it like derp derp derp instead of coherent like our questions?
Anyone who hates PCP…is full of fail
Hate Mail! Generally, I try not to expose myself as rampant troll-bait. But in this case, you’re trying to advertise as a safe and non-threatening place to go for newbies to the pagan community, at the same time that you’re mercilessly ripping into someone for fairly benign slights. I’m betting a slight outside chance that someone will appreciate being told – Your tone is off. Emails that are too long? (In the same breath as complaining about twitter being too short) Not responding fast enough? Not enough to justify endless public mockery. I don’t know her. I did know her music before, in a positive fashion. Right now, you all sound like a bunch of nasty seventh-grade JV cheerleaders targeting some poor, awkward girl who tries too hard, and I would know. But let’s be honest: None of you care about being mean, vicious, or unfair, and you made that perfectly clear in your disclaimers. You do apparently care about being respected as a resource for pagan noobs, though, so – I would hand someone a Ravenwolf text before I’d send them to you, after this display of amateur hostility. I never subscribed to this podcast to hear you vent your personal vendettas, let alone the ones that are pure anal boredom. In the interests of hitting your target audience, and for the ones who haven’t already unsubscribed, please do us all a favor, and shut the fuck up. Regards, Pennanti
Scurv and Amber sent replies within the our…yay boredom!
Amber reads her reply
Scurv reads his reply
We don’t just rant…so there
Dave was out in Europe at the time, but we got a +1
Scurv tries..but fails…to take the devil’s advocat’s stance on this hate mail
We can quantify the amount of spam from our YouTube video where we had to delete 920 spam comments on her episode
If you have hate mail, send it to pcp@imbleedingprofusely.com or go to imbleedingprofusely.com and click the contact button.
Scurv tries..but fails…to take the devil’s advocat’s stance on this hate mail
We can quantify the amount of spam from our YouTube video where we had to delete 920 spam comments on her episode
If you’re gonna troll someone, know the legalities of it!
If you have hate mail, send it to pcp@imbleedingprofusely.com or go to imbleedingprofusely.com and click the contact button.
If you’re going to send us hate mail…be right
If you’re confused, a podcast…is basically a radio show
Amber hates indirect guilt trip. If you’re going to harass us, do it up front…come on!
If you’re going to insult Scurvy, just call him a girly girl. Everyone else does
Please note we never blocked Pennatti from our site for sending us a disagreeing e-mail.
Amber promots PaganShoppingNetwork interviews and the psychology episode


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